10 reasons why our tea tops potpourri a million times over


1. It smells a million times nicer. If it wasn’t so tempting to drink it you’d be putting the tea leaves and flower buds amongst your clothes and in little baskets all over the house.

2. It tastes more than a million times better than potpourri water would. We don’t suggest you compare the two in case swallowing the potpourri perfume kills you.

3. Talking of that, our tea unsurprisingly doesn’t contain perfume. It is completely perfume free and you’ll wonder how nature could possibly produce such a delicious smell and taste.

4. Our tea can be enjoyed by people of any age or gender. Potpourri on the other hand is pretty exclusively for old ladies these days.

5. There is so much variety in our fruit teas that you get what we call ‘delicious added bonus smells’ within the gorgeous general waft of yumminess.

Discover Gardens of Bukkhara – It’s tea not potpourri!

6. You get the opportunity to test your taste buds with our tea and see if you can taste every little bit of freshly dried fruit and herb. How are yours doing out of ten? As we said, don’t try this with potpourri…

7. Our teas look nicer and more colourful than potpourri, I mean have you ever seen potpourri with bits of strawberry and raspberry in it? Didn’t think so.

8. Our teas come from premium tea growing tea spots in the world, where the top quality organic plants grow. In contrast, we think Potpourri probably originates from forest floors not far from disused rubbish tips…

9. Our fruit teas have more of a variety of freshly dried fruits and herbs than other fruit teas on the market, and potpourri, well it’s just potpourri, isn’t it.

10. You won’t find any dust whatsoever from anyone’s bathroom in our tea. It has been packed freshly dried.