Tearoute offers a greek twist on tea. Our blends are unique and unusual; they combine fine teas and natural ingredients from the Mediterranean.

Inspired by the diversity of Mediterranean nature, we blend whole leaf teas with natural things such as essential oils, dried fruits, flower blossoms and spices. We source these ingredients directly from local producers in Greece, small farmers in Epirus, Thessaly and the Peloponnese.

We also offer top quality single origin teas, which are non-blended teas from a single tea-producing area, for example Assam in India or Yunnan in China.

We travel to tea gardens in China, Japan and India looking for small producers who share our desire to find unique flavours and our commitment to quality. It is important for us to know where each tea comes from and who is responsible for harvesting, processing and blending the teas we buy.

Tearoute is a family-owned company, founded in Greece in 2001. We opened two tea shops initially, one in Thessaloniki and the other in Athens, in the Kolonaki area. In 2013, we opened our third shop in Athens, in the Kifisia area.

Tearoute UK launched in September 2016, as an online shop. We also offer a delivery service for wholesale partners. For more information on wholesale prices please follow this link.