Assam TGBOP Sewpur, organic

Black Tea
Assam TGBOP Sewpur Bio


/ 100g

This tea smells really malty.
It’s made with golden leaf tips,
It’s spicy.

  • 1 tsp
  • 95° C
  • 4-5min
  • This is an organic black tea from the Sewpur tea garden in Assam. The brew is a deep shade of brown and the taste is strong and malty, with a spicy aftertaste. Full-bodied and smooth, this is the perfect tea for a morning cuppa.
  • Makes You Feel


  • Taste Profile

    Full-bodied, Strong, Malty

  • Scent


  • Food Pairing

    Full English

  • Tea Route

    India - Assam Assam is a state in North-East India. It is the world's largest tea-growing region.

    Pure Origin

    In this category, you will find teas from a variety of origins. As with wine, climate and soil have a major influence on the taste and distinct character of each tea. Green, black and white tea all come from the same plant. It is the processing of the harvested leaves that determines the final product.