Chun Mei, organic

Green Tea
Chun Mei Bio


/ 100g

Why -oh
Have I not drunk this before?
It smells like smoked herbs and I love that for sure.

  • 1 tsp
  • 70 - 80° C
  • 2-3 min
  • Chun Mei is a popular everyday tea in China. It was named Precious Eyebrow Tea because of its tightly rolled, needle-like leaves. The first sip tastes fresh, strong and tangy; the aftertaste is sweet and a little bitter.
  • Makes You Feel


  • Taste Profile


  • Scent

    Smoked Herbs

  • Food Pairing

    Grilled Or Fried Seafood

  • Tea Route

    China - Zhejian Zhejiang is a province on the eastern coast of China known for its hills and mountains.

    Pure Origin

    In this category, you will find teas from a variety of origins. As with wine, climate and soil have a major influence on the taste and distinct character of each tea. Green, black and white tea all come from the same plant. It is the processing of the harvested leaves that determines the final product.