Tea scent of the week

Meet our winner: Gardens of Bukkhara. An easy win for our tea scent of the week, it smells like exotic fruits, coconut and pineapple mostly, and fragrant rose.


The scent of the tea pre-adding water, and the taste of the brew in the cup are actually really different.

The scent is just incredible, it reminds us of an exotic flower garden. The grated coconut hits you first, and then it smells of tropical fruits, while the rose is very much present all along the way.

The taste is amazingly subtle and the flavours go in pairs: the first sip has a sweet taste of cranberry and pomegranate, followed by pineapple and coconut. The aftertaste is rose and a hint of vanilla, rounded off by the tangy taste of Oolong.

The name comes from the city of Bukkhara in Uzbekistan. Placed on the Silk Road, it was a center of trade, scholarship, culture, and religion.